10-07-2020, 16:40
The Armenian authorities, the so-called velvet officials, regularly find themselves, to put it mildly, in an awkward position, as the lies told by the latter are revealed. They make statements, assertions, try to justify themselves, but as they say, the situation has changed, the society և the press very quickly managed to reveal the lies և to reveal them.

Here are the top 10 lies of velvet officials.
10-07-2020, 16:26
Discussions on the draft state standard of general education continue, during which there are many misinterpretations of the draft. In particular, information is circulating on social networks that the subject "Preliminary Military Training" (NDP) has been added to the subject "Physical Culture".

The "Information Control Center" was informed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports that the spread news does not correspond to reality. There is no change in that part in the draft state standard of general education (ASP).

Both now and in the new ASPU, in the field of "Physical Education and Safe Life", both Physical Education and NDP are included as separate subjects. Moreover, the curricula of those other subjects will be improved.

It should be noted that the rumors about the reduction of classes in the subject "Armenian Language" and the subject of "Armenian History" in the case of compulsory workload are also false. As for the subject of "History of the Armenian Church" leaving the general education program, it should be noted that it will be taught within the subject of "Armenian History". In an interview yesterday, the Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan mentioned that the history of the Armenian Church is the history of the Armenian people, and it is wrong to consider them separately.
10-07-2020, 16:07
There will be no mass layoffs. Hayk Yesayan, one of the founders of "Tim" LLC, stated this in a conversation with journalists today, referring to the complaints of "Beeline" employees.

It should be noted that today both the SCPEC and the PSRC agreed to sell 100% of VEON Armenia shares to Tim LLC. After that, Beeline employees complained to the PSRC because they did not want the company to be sold.

Speaking about the possible dismissals of "Beeline" employees, Hayk Yesayan mentioned. "We need their potential, we just say that we need human resources and we can carry out work with more force. We have been in this field for 20 years, and we always notice a lack of human resources. And now I don't see a problem with that work at all. During the days of the coronavirus, we founded the "Tim" company and created 400 jobs. Now we will connect the staffs of the two companies to have more resources. ”
10-07-2020, 15:51
7 cases of "bomb" alert have been registered since January. How many perpetrators have been found and what is the punishment for a false alarm?

Look at him!
Police officers detained a 30-year-old wanted man
The operative situation in the republic from July 9 to 10
Accident on Gyumri-Yerevan road. One of the drivers died and the other was taken to hospital
July 9 The inspections revealed 3089 cases of violation, the total number of violations is 80575
In recent days, alarms about the bomb have become more frequent. On July 6, the police received two alarms about the bomb, both of which turned out to be false.

In response to ArmDaily.am's written inquiry, the police informed that as of July 8 of the current year, 7 cases of "bomb alert" were registered in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, the perpetrators of which were found.
10-07-2020, 15:42
On the evening of July 9, the officers of the first officer battalion of the traffic police carried out an intensified service in Yerevan.

Drivers with various violations were found, against whom protocols on administrative offenses were drawn up.

Thirty-three vehicles were taken to a special area guarded by the traffic police, three of whom drove into the capital at midnight and showed disrespect to the other participants in the afternoon, creating emergency situations. By the way, the driver of one of the cars was not sober.
The enhanced services of the traffic police are regular. We call on everyone to follow the rules of the road, according to the RA Police.
10-07-2020, 15:33
The Ministry of Emergency Situations received a bomb alert at the head office of the bookmaker company

On July 10, at 6:40 pm, the National Center for Crisis Management of the Rescue Service of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations received an alarm that a bomb had been placed in the head office of "Adjarabet".

As reported by the Information and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia, a fire brigade of the Rescue Squad of the Rescue Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Engineering Group of the Civil Defense Forces Collective Center The operative group of the National Center for Crisis Management and the junior instructor on psychological counseling of the Psychological Support Department.
10-07-2020, 15:24
RA Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan made a note on his Facebook page about primary, secondary and high schools. The Minister started his post with the wording "national and state - state standard of general education".

"Students contribute to the development of a society based on democracy, freedom, social justice and the rule of law. Through cognition, they form a love for the homeland, realize the national, state, public interests and priorities arising from the RA Constitution at the regional and global levels. Learners recognize Armenian culture and the cultural components of human civilizations as guides to human emotions and actions. They value their own identity, the role of family, community and state, they have a basic knowledge of the geography, social-political system and history of Armenia, ”the minister wrote. Material source: http://yn.am/?
10-07-2020, 15:18
On July 10, the Security Council of Armenia adopted a new National Security Strategy, which is the most important document of Armenia's state development, state and national priorities, Armenian identity and vital activity.

Armenia adopted the previous document in 2007. The fact that the world has changed and that the document has a significant need for modernization was recorded by the ruling party before the revolution, led by Serzh Sargsyan. The need for modernization was further emphasized by the Velvet Revolution in Armenia, which became a source of completely new realities not only in Armenia, but at least in the regional context. Material source: http://yn.am/?index&p=108026&l=am
10-07-2020, 14:58
The Cathedral of St. Sophia became a mosque

Look at him!
Italy has banned citizens of 13 countries from entering due to the coronavirus. Among them is Armenia
Trump has backed Kanye West's decision to run for president
The Deputy Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan has been dismissed
Cases of bubonic plague have been registered in China and Mongolia. Are we facing a new epidemic?
The Cathedral of St. Sophia has officially been turned into a mosque. The relevant decision was made by the Turkish State Council, RIA Novosti reported.

"The Council of State's conclusion states that Hagia Sophia is registered as a mosque in the cadastre, and it is emphasized that this status is unchanged," the statement said.

Earlier, it was reported that the court had declared the Turkish government's decision 1934 illegal and that the historic Orthodox Church had been given the status of a museum. In 2019, more than 3.7 million people visited Hagia Sophia
10-07-2020, 14:35
"In the near future, we should try to move from a supportive word to a teammate's speech, which characterizes the direction of certain joint steps. We must try to form a movement with this team in Armenia. I hope that you are ready for such developments, but in my opinion, such a transformation will be the most natural today.

I'm not an excited person, there are no people in the world who don't care, some people just don't show that they are excited. I'm probably more in that category, but it's really exciting and very binding. There is a lot to do, our path is difficult, but it is a passable path and I am sure that together, with your support and your struggle, we will achieve our goals. I believe in that, "Robert Kocharian said during a distant meeting with his supporters yesterday and thanked his supporters.