10-07-2020, 18:47
As we know, a video was spread on the Internet today, where Serzh Sargsyan was watching the process of restoration of the Amaras monastery complex in the Artsakh Republic with the help of the Luys Foundation. The Office of the 3rd President of the Republic of Armenia published a message and a video today, informing that Serzh Sargsyan followed the process of restoration of the Amaras monastery complex in the Republic of Artsakh through the Luys Foundation through video communication.

The video has become the subject of various discussions on the Internet. "The actors of the episodic roles in Diana's TV series have such a bad video," Arman Tatosyan wrote.
10-07-2020, 18:36
ArmDaily.am recently reported that Karen Vardanyan, UITE, Digitech Expo, Armat Laboratories, Digitech Business Forum, World IT Congress and dozens of other projects and founder and head of technology development strategic development programs, has died.

ArmDaily.am contacted Vardanyan's brother Suren. He informed us that four days earlier his brother's health had deteriorated and he had been taken to hospital.

"He got a blood infection, his condition has been very bad for several days already. He died tonight, "he said. He said that they would provide additional information about the place of the day of repose.
10-07-2020, 18:34
"I was interviewing when I finished, the police approached me and said they should arrest me. They commented that they urged to vacate the area, I did not obey, but I did not hear such a request. That's when I said I hadn't heard and could stand on the other side. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

I told them not to touch me and not to shake my hands, I left without resisting. I stayed in the department for about 3 hours. According to them, I committed an administrative offense, but I signed a document that I did not agree with them. When the amount of the fine is determined, I will appeal the decision, "he said, noting that he did not blame the police because they were doing their job.
10-07-2020, 18:28
Singer Sona Shahgeldyan posted a video on her Facebook page, in which she presented how the dog is being tortured.

"What can a virus do? A human being is not a human being, I am disgusted," the singer wrote next to the video.
10-07-2020, 18:27
Actress Mariam Melikyan has been living in Turkey for about 4 years. The actress often shows the pastime she has already become dear to the country. And as it seems, he has already fully adapted to the local customs and everyday life.

He often shows his followers his daily life. And in quarantine, being at home all day, he can spend more time with his family and offspring.

This time the actress published her and her daughter's dialogue.
10-07-2020, 17:51
Edmon Marukyan, the leader of the "Bright Armenia" party, wrote on his Facebook page.

"We visited the family of Narek Sardaryan, a resident of Nerkin Khndzoresk village.

On July 8, at 10:00 am, Narek left with the animals and did not return. Livestock from villages in the area are kept in pastures near Azerbaijani positions.

Rescuers are searching. During the conversation with the family, we tried to find out detailed information about the disappearance and possible versions of it.
10-07-2020, 17:37
Alain, look around, don't talk about envelopes. Yerkir.am:

Alen Simonyan, who appeared in the chair of the RA NA Deputy Speaker, lost his self-control under a torrent of fair questions about the journalist's payment of about 580,000,000 million paid to the NA deputies during a year.

Before referring to the tremors of Alen Simonyan, let's prove that he once again distorted the real picture of things, giving the impression that the 580,000 deputies and about 700 employees allegedly received that 580,000 million. Let us clarify. According to the written answer given to Yerkir.am by the RA NA staff, in 2019 the NA staff The total amount of the award (exactly one year) was 890,699,308 drams (about 1 million 865 thousand dollars).

Consequently, the deputies of the National Assembly աշխատակից about 700 employees together did not receive 580 million AMD, but 1,470,699,308 AMD (about 3 million USD) during a year.
10-07-2020, 17:31
"A minute before burying his father, they opened the coffin and saw that there was the body of a 96-year-old woman"

According to rumors circulating in the air, for every person who dies from coronavirus, the RA state budget receives 18 thousand dollars. Sona Aghekyan, a member of the "Alternative Municipality of Yerevan" initiative, said this today, July 10, at a meeting with journalists, speaking about the situation conditioned by the coronavirus and the troubles with them.

"I do not know how true this information is, as there has been no official announcement about it yet!" I demand that this information be officially denied or confirmed, "he said.

Referring to the fact that those who died of the virus were handed over to their relatives in a closed state, Sona Aghekyan mentioned that she joins the concerns that there are suspicious things in that respect.

One of his friends told Sona Aghekyan that a minute before handing over the latter's father to the ground, lowering the hole, they opened the coffin and saw that the body of a 96-year-old woman was there. "It is terrible," said Sona Aghekyan.
10-07-2020, 17:04
As of July 7, 1993, coronavirus has been established in 1993 in children, 142 pregnant women and mothers. News.am:

As of July 7, 1993, 93 children under the age of 18 were diagnosed with COVID-19 infection in the Republic of Armenia. The RA Ministry of Health stated this in response to a written inquiry of NEWS.am.

The Ministry also informed that as of July 7, 142 pregnant and pregnant women were diagnosed with COVID-19 infection in the Republic of Armenia.
10-07-2020, 16:56
"Let's enjoy this summer at least like this." Satenik Hazaryan posted seductive photos

Actress Satenik Hazaryan posted new photos on her Instagram page.

In the footage, the actress is swimming in the pool, wearing a dark red swimsuit, enjoying her summer vacation.

"Let's enjoy this summer at least this way," the actress wrote next to the publication.