10-07-2020, 20:14
"Armenia has adopted a strategy to eliminate the number of infected people. The ratio of positive to positive tests is about 30% today, a figure of 5-10% would be much more desirable. That's why we need time and work at all levels, "said Vahe Ter-Minasyan, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, on ArmNews TV.

According to him, if necessary, doctors of all specialties should be mobilized to treat coronavirus-infected patients. "Our doctors are heroes, taking into account the conditions and funding under which they work. "Especially the doctors of polyclinics receive meager salaries," said the doctor.
10-07-2020, 20:07
The BDK scientists did not sign the decision. Bekmezyan clarified that the law stipulates that 7 votes in favor were needed to satisfy the motion, but in this case there were only 5 votes in favor, the motion was rejected. As it is rejected, the decision is signed by the members who voted against the mediation.

"There is no conflict of interest here, it is just a matter of approach. If you see the decision, I think the answers to many questions will be clear. I am very surprised that they are trying to find a political context in our decisions. Opinions may be different, it is the right of individuals to comment. I am just very sorry that many people view our decisions from the point of view of interests, that if people vote in favor, then it is in their interest to vote that way, not the human consciousness and the objectivity of assessing the facts of the case. I am sorry that lawyers often express such an opinion, but no matter what people do, they have the right to express an opinion, it does not affect our impartiality and objectivity at all. We voted the way we found it right, I assure you that there was pressure, that there was no attempt at pressure. "

To the question how it turned out that all the scientists voted in the same way, all the members of the judges voted in a different way, Bekmezyan said that, yes, from the outside, he could give me a reason to think, but there is no problem for me, he can! To be so, there is no problem with interests at all.
10-07-2020, 19:51
According to rumors circulating in the air, for each person who dies from coronavirus, the RA state budget receives 18 thousand dollars. Sona Aghekyan, a member of the "Alternative Municipality of Yerevan" initiative, said this today, July 10, at a meeting with journalists, speaking about the situation conditioned by the coronavirus and the troubles with them.

"I do not know how true this information is, as there has been no official announcement about it yet!" I demand that this information be officially denied or confirmed, "he said. Referring to the fact that those who died of the virus were handed over to their relatives in a closed state, Sona Aghekyan mentioned that she joins the concerns that there are suspicious things in that respect. One of his friends told Sona Aghekyan that a minute before handing over the latter's father to the ground, lowering the hole, they opened the coffin and saw that the body of a 96-year-old woman was there.

"It is terrible," said Sona Aghekyan. "I urge you, if you have a relative who has died of coronavirus, to have the opportunity to see him or her.

"So that you do not fall into nightmares in the future," Aghekyan emphasized. Referring to the fact that she was fined for not wearing a mask, Sona Aghekyan mentioned. "The actor of the Minister of Health should be fined, I will be the one to be fined, so that the policeman does not stop me at every step and says that I should wear a mask, while Pashinyan said that we should overcome the coronavirus with homemade vodka and tweezers, why should we? is a cream mask.
10-07-2020, 19:44
Hayk Manasyan wrote on his Facebook page.

Tell Nikol Pashinyan that the Ministry of Health has given us the wrong information that the coronavirus is spreading not only by droplets but also by air.
Referring to this false news, at yesterday's government session, the Prime Minister mentioned the need for masks everywhere.

In fact, the WHO says that only during special medical procedures is there a transfer of air, such as breast surgery or resuscitation of the patient during resuscitation.

I would like to inform the Deputy Ministers of Health who do not have medical education that they do not perform breast surgery in open spaces, even in malls and cafes. There are special institutions for them, called hospitals. That's where the mask is.
10-07-2020, 19:36
"I always knew you were stupid." Arus Tigranyan to Zhanna Butulyan (Video)
10-07-2020, 19:28
Narek Sardaryan, a 30-year-old resident of Nerkin Khndzoresk village, who did not return to the area near Gorayk village on the morning of July 8, has not been found yet.

His search continues at this late hour. Goris community head Arush Arushanyan said this in a conversation with HA.

The area where there are pastures, people keep livestock, borders the Azerbaijani positions, but no one, according to the mayor, can say at this moment whether the boy crossed the border or something else happened. "He went to his animals, he has a farm in that area, he went there. Nowadays, many people keep animals there. Well, he, too, "Arushanyan said.

According to the mayor, Narek is a serious and balanced young man with no family problems. "I definitely say that I know him as a young man from the village. He is a normal, hard-working, accomplished boy. Calmly, he didn't get involved in anything bad, he didn't take any steps to say that he had ever hurt himself. Now I don't know what it is. But if I know something, I will definitely inform, ”said the mayor of Goris.
10-07-2020, 19:10
Mariam Pashinyan, the eldest daughter of the RA Prime Minister, posted a photo with her demobilized brother Ashot on her Instagram bottom.

He wrote: "My Ashot, my everything."

He also posted photos of their childhood.
10-07-2020, 19:08
Gegham Manukyan, director of news, social and political programs at Yerkir Media TV, wrote on his Facebook page.

"Today Arsen Torosyan had to enter the ground when his compatriot criticizing him (even just because he is a compatriot) was saddened that he had chronic diseases, the ruins of which thousands of us lived today. Arsen Torosyan had to go to the ground so that he did not enter or go to the Church to repent, which he will not do either, because he is ungodly and anti-Church. He is left with an inner suffering that will not be of faith and soul. ”
10-07-2020, 19:00
David emphasized that at the beginning of the quarantine they were silent, because the situation was understandable. "Now, when I see what is happening in Cascade, on Saryan Street, I get angry. People have secret weddings, gather, organize events ․ Either everyone has to work, or everyone has to obey the rules. ”

The actor also stressed that he has no problem with the government, he expresses his civil opinion. He does not rule out that he will take part in new actions.
10-07-2020, 18:55
The US State Department will appoint an anti-corruption adviser to the Armenian government: https://russian.rt.com/…/762804-gosdep-ssha-armeniya-korrup….

In Ukraine, it all started with the appointment of an adviser on the fight against corruption, and then continued with the loss of Crimea.

Ukraine became the scene of anti-Russian struggle in the West, lost territories, found itself in a seemingly endless war, was economically weakened, lost much of its population and is considered one of the most backward countries in Europe, with vast territories, tens of millions, good geographical location and great economic potential.