11-07-2020, 07:03
As of July 11, 489 new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in Armenia, the total number of infected reached 31,392.

According to the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the RA Ministry of Health, 13 people died of coronavirus in one day, the number of dead is 559.

Three deaths of coronavirus-infected patients from other diseases were registered in one day. As of July 11, the death toll was 180. A total of 16 people died in one day, bringing the total number of deaths to 739.
11-07-2020, 01:06
Political scientist Stepan Danielyan wrote on his Facebook page. "The protesters are indignant at the words of a girl who said that she ignored the law when the policeman demanded to wear a mask. The frustration of their walkers is incomprehensible, the girl thinks just like them. He does what he sees.

The less a girl is a "people", the owner of power, and the "people" are above the law, they will do whatever they want. If he wants, he will block the courts, if he wants, he will force the judge to make his decision, if he wants, he will break the door of the government or the radio station, or he will lay it on the asphalt and paint it to be posted on Facebook. He will want to change the judges of the Constitutional Court and violate the constitution whenever he wants. In a word, he is a revolutionary generation, a future deputy.
11-07-2020, 01:04
Gastroenterologist Hayk Manasyan wrote on his Facebook page. "Tell Nikol Pashinyan that our non-existent Ministry of Health provided him with incorrect information that the coronavirus is spreading not only by drip, but also by air.
Referring to this false news, at yesterday's government session, the Prime Minister mentioned the need for masks everywhere.

In fact, the WHO says that only during special medical procedures is there a transfer of air, such as breast surgery or resuscitation of the patient during resuscitation.

I would like to inform the Deputy Ministers of Health who do not have medical education that they do not perform breast surgery in open spaces, even in malls and cafes. There are special institutions for them, called hospitals. The mask is mandatory there. ”
10-07-2020, 23:15
RA NA Deputy George Grigoryan published a video on his page and wrote:

"Come on, hey!

Ara, this is the natural state of our nation…

You have tied people to a sniper rifle, by sitting at home you are leading them to a mental disorder, you Turkish genocidal perpetrators…

Our people deserve this, because you cut and killed the joy of the people…

I have never cursed, I did not consider it good, but now I say, curse you idiots…
10-07-2020, 22:09
Ani Yeranyan's surprise to new parents ․․․

Finally, Mihran Tsarukyan և Arpi Gabrielyan առաջն firstborn ծն was born

The beautiful son's wonderful son was named Robert բերտ

Arpi wrote on his page hours ago:

"My Son, the gift of my God, I have longed for you."

And indeed, the long-awaited. As it is known, Arpi և Mihran's roads crossed mostly during the Full House sitcom ․․․

They were even together in a comedy series, as in և in life ․․․ It is known that the couple was very close with another favorite actress, Ani Yeranyan.

Yeranyan played with the Full House team for many years, then left for some reasons ․․․ After leaving, Yeranyan participated in many other TV series and still plays ․․․ According to some rumors, the relations between Ani and Arpi have recently become a bit tense. However, rumors are circulating on the Internet that Ani even bought a big gift for Mihran և Arpi որդ ․․․ ․․․

It is said that although the gift was valuable, they chose not to talk about it. If there were any conflicts, it would be good if they were settled և Ani, really surprised ․․․ Peace to all of us ․․․
10-07-2020, 21:44
Armenia has adopted a strategy to eliminate the number of infected people. The ratio of positive to positive tests is about 30% today, a figure of 5-10% would be much more desirable. It takes time and effort at all levels. Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Vahe Ter-Minasyan stated this on ArmNews TV.
According to Minasyan, if necessary, doctors of all specialties should be mobilized to treat patients infected with coronavirus. "Our doctors are heroes, taking into account the conditions and funding under which they work. Doctors at polyclinics, in particular, receive poor salaries, ”he said.

Vahe Ter-Minasyan said during the broadcast that now people are afraid to undergo prophylactic medical examination, as they can be infected with coronavirus. "After a while, we will have a sharp increase in mortality from other diseases, such as end-stage cancer. Cardiovascular patients are afraid to go to the hospital, this is a problem. "Children's vaccines are endangered, the service is not always regulated in polyclinics," said the doctor.
10-07-2020, 21:26
From the very first day he came to power, Pashinyan often spoke about Armenia's sovereignty, talking to an equal and advancing Armenian interests. Surprisingly, however, these "cockroaches" remained in the realm of slogans or had an impact only on Armenian-Russian relations. And today, it became known that in the near future the entire criminal justice system of Armenia will be put at the feet of some American adviser, from the police and the prosecutor's office to the newly formed anti-corruption committee.

The point is that the US State Department has announced a competition for a special adviser in Armenia who will help the Armenian authorities fight corruption. Attention: only US citizen can be an advisor. And the conditions and powers are more than remarkable.
10-07-2020, 20:56
Ժ MP Edmon Marukyan informed on his Facebook page ․

We visited the family of Narek Sardaryan, a resident of Nerkin Khndzoresk village.

On July 8, after 10:00 in the morning, Narek went with the animals and did not return. The animals of the villages of the area are kept in the pastures near the Azerbaijani positions. Rescuers are searching. During the conversation with the family, we tried to find out detailed information about the disappearance and possible versions of it.
10-07-2020, 20:38
"Of course you will forgive me a thousand times. I really do not have the right or desire to dig into someone else's personal life, but when everything appears before your eyes, you are powerless to dig.

Mrs. Zohrabyan in the recording, when she says I have wonderful children, then the question arises why NER, if everyone knows only about the girl…

To hide or not to hide is their problem and I do not care for the love of God. I am already meeting the second comment with MAM JAN, but then the young man corrects and removes the word MAM.
10-07-2020, 20:36
Garo Paylan, an Armenian member of the Turkish parliament, referred to the decision to return the status of a mosque to the Hagia Sophia.

"A sad day for Christians and all those who believe in pluralistic Turkey. The decision to return the Hagia Sophia to the status of a mosque will complicate the lives of Christians here and Muslims in Europe. St. Sophia was a symbol of our rich history.

"Its dome was big enough for everyone," Paylan wrote on his Facebook page. It should be reminded that the Supreme Administrative Court of Turkey has annulled the 1934 decree of the Turkish government on granting the status of a museum to the Hagia Sophia. The decision of November 24. This means that there is no other legal obstacle to turning the ancient Christian temple of the Byzantine period into a mosque again.