11-07-2020, 09:19
PAP MP Grigor Petrosyan wrote on his Facebook page ․

"Pashinyan, one of the 3 million prime ministers you mentioned, Gorg Petrosyan, invites you to a live debate on H1 or Radio Liberty (I mean the media close to you).

We will talk about the fulfillment of your pre-election promises, the harmful campaign of the referendum, its cancellation, the illegal dissolution of the Constitutional Court, the humiliation and privatization of courts, the failure of foreign investments, the illegal persecution of people and the establishment of dictatorship in the country.

I think my proposal is not uplifting ... After all, we have been sitting side by side as MPs for a year and a half.

And I am one of the 3 million prime ministers.

48 hours for you.

I'm waiting for your answer ...
I am hopeful that you have not completely lost your courage during the opposition ...
I only set one condition. I will not put on a mask ...
Time has passed ... ”
11-07-2020, 09:14
Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page: "Babylon has been our enemy, see-
Missing, gone - like an evil mist.

Vahan Teryan

We descended from the Armenian Highlands, from the ancestor Hayk, our name is Armenian.

We are the descendants of the Kingdom of Van, the wealth of the Yervanduni, the wealth of the Artashesyans, the wealth of the Arshakuni, the wealth of the Bagratunis, the Kingdom of Cilicia, the First Republic of Armenia.

We recognize the unique role of the Armenian SSR in the development of education, science, culture and industry in Armenia.

We are the Proud Citizens of the Third Republic of Armenia, the children of the Armenian people who founded the Third Republic of Armenia and liberated Artsakh.

The Republic of Armenia is the guarantor of the security and freedom of the Armenians of Artsakh.

The Republic of Armenia is a pan-Armenian state and represents all Armenians around the world.

The Armenian people have gained the ability to overcome many historical disasters, to reach the 21st century, thanks to the skills, knowledge and qualities they have developed during their statehood. Based on this historical consciousness, the Armenian people were able to recreate their independent state immediately after the Great Genocide.

The Armenian state is the only guarantor of the existence and development of the Armenian people.

Therefore, the Armenian state must exist forever, because the Armenian people must exist forever.

National values

The national values ​​of the Armenian people are:

- Armenian statehood. Citizenship of the Republic of Armenia - Armenian Army.

- The history and folklore of the Armenian people. epic, beliefs, legends, myths.

- The Armenian language, literature, including translated literature, knowledge, science.

- The pan-Armenian potential, the Armenian Diaspora.

- Homeland, family, individual.

- The Armenian Apostolic Church, the Armenian Catholic Church, the Armenian Evangelical Church. Christianity.

- Armenian troubadour, cowboy, folk, classical, author's, pop music, Armenian dance art, Armenian fine arts, Armenian stage art, Armenian architecture.

- The native nature with its biodiversity.

- Progress, freedom, self-love, hospitality, education, diligence, law-abidingness, respect and tolerance towards other people, peoples, religions. Fraternal feelings and relations with the national minorities living in Armenia and Artsakh, the inseparable union with them, expressed by the citizenship of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh.

"Armenian cuisine, all the samples of material and intangible heritage that express, depict, describe or symbolize the national values ​​of the Armenian people described above."
11-07-2020, 08:47
Narek from Khndzoresk either crossed the border, or was shot, or fell into a gorge with a horse

Recently, 30-year-old Narek S., a resident of Nerkin Khndzoresk settlement of Syunik region, left the farm, went to pasture, but has not returned yet. In a conversation with LURER.com, the head of Nerkin Khndzoresk, Yervand Malunts, said that the resident had set off on horseback.
"They are villagers, they have animals, they take their animals every year to keep them in the territories of Sisian community. This year, wherever they take me, the pasture was unfavorable, they went to that gorge for the first time on the border of Nakhichevan, and they were not aware that the opposite post belonged to Azerbaijan, "the leader said.
11-07-2020, 08:23
Mikael Minasyan posted a photo on his Instagram page, to which he wrote:

"Bilateral contempt. "Reality" to this man, this man to the reality around him.
Well, the dog is not missing either.
# hp ART:
#REALTY_vs_REALITY #reality_vs_dreams "
11-07-2020, 08:10
The Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan stated during one of the briefings that we need a conscious lockdown instead of the forced one.
He called for an end to non-vital contacts, movements, visits, events, meetings. You need to stop celebrating different happy occasions, such as the birth of a child, birth ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, etc., including in your own homes.
In the evening you should also stay at home, do not go down to the yard, do not communicate with neighbors. You just have to not touch, not to meet, to stay away from each other, not to drink coffee together, etc.
11-07-2020, 07:58
The post particularly says: On July 10, Petros Ghazaryan's guest on Public TV was Lusine Hakobyan, a lawyer and president of the Europe of Law NGO. The topic is the ECHR decision. The conversation turned into a hate speech, targeting the representatives of the former government. Petros Ghazaryan, whose function is to ask questions, presented his point of view. "There is such a human rights activist who never used to sneer when there were outrageous injustices, and now he is a fan of Hrayr Tovmasyan. And this human rights activist says that the ECtHR judges were probably pressured because our representative went to Strasbourg and met with our new Kalashnikov assault rifle. The ECtHR accepted this decision. " The guest, in his turn, expressed irony, targeting Arman Tatoyan, noting that he is a close friend of lawyer Siranuysh Sahakyan. The conversation was out of all ethical norms, as it was very personal. Petros Ghazaryan forgot that the program is not a humorous genre ․ "Hrayr Tovmasyan vs. Hrayr Tovmasyan." Hate-packed jokes are not appropriate for public television.
11-07-2020, 07:25
"I really want Mr. Karen Vardanyan not to be suddenly infected with coronavirus disease, because taking into account the latter's chronic diseases, a very negative outcome of the disease is not ruled out." Arsen Torosyan 04.05.2020 In fact, the Nicolaitans are also oil, they are a complete evil, a perfect beheader, you have to stay away from them and not even try to say a word, otherwise ... I just heard the news of Karen Vardanyan's death. At that time, I was amazed that there is so much inadequacy. Minister, and to those who respond to that kind of common sense, a complete state of "are you a minister or an old Armenian magician, you animal?" And the reason for the old curse and greed was what I was saying: the coronavirus is a bluff, Nicole and the swindler appointed by the Minister of Health, who swallowed money with her, create artificial psychosis, write deaths under the coronavirus, that is, loans, money, millions of dollars. They got water-lapen. As a result, they destroy the economy and the state. And here ... two months later, Karen Vardanyan is no more, they got rid of a serious critic. I do not share anyone on my page, who should I put next to me or instead of me? One of the exceptions was Karen Vardanyan's interview about the army's shortcomings. I remember this very well and I am really sorry that there was never an occasion, personal contact with that person, but I knew that he was one of the only people in Armenia who still lived in Armenia and had a healthy common sense and expressed themselves boldly. Unique. And today, the sparse, almost non-existent group of those singles is almost empty. Too bad ...

Lusine Kesoyan's post
11-07-2020, 07:20
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page.

"Babylon has been our enemy, see

Missing, gone - like an evil mist.

Vahan Teryan

We descended from the Armenian Highlands, from the ancestor Hayk, our name is Armenian.

We are the descendants of the Kingdom of Van, the Wealth of the Yervanduni, the Wealth of the Artashesyans, the Wealth of the Arshakuni, the Wealth of the Bagratunis, the Kingdom of Cilicia, the First Republic of Armenia.
11-07-2020, 07:13
What did Kocharyan warn his supporters before contacting him remotely? "Zhamanak"
"Zhamanak" newspaper writes. "According to our information, Robert Kocharyan's supporters were warned not to ask him political questions before long-distance communication with him.

In particular, he was warned not to be asked about the possibility of returning to politics, forming a party, joining a party, leading the political struggle against the current government.

To Kocharyan's supporters, this seemed a bit strange, because they expected that the conversation should be dedicated to the organization of the political struggle and its role in it. "

Details in the newspaper issue.
11-07-2020, 07:10
"Hraparak" There are transfers in KGMSN ...
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "Yesterday we received information that Ashot Arshakyan, the head of the KGMS general education department, will resign soon. He will be appointed head of the Licensing Agency, the former Movses Movsisyan, who wrote an application a few days ago. Apparently, Artashes Torosyan, the principal of school No. 198, will be appointed instead of Arshakyan.

We contacted him and asked if it was true that he was going to be appointed head of the general education department, which is one of the main departments of the KGMS. He said. "I do not know", then ․ "I do not have such information," in fact confirming our news.

By the way, Davit Harutyunyan worked as a principal in school No. 198 for many years. But Torosyan was once a member of the Orinats Yerkir party, and there was a process of appointing him to the post of Minister Sergo Yeritsyan, but it did not end there. ”