» Pashinyan had promised to take the case of his granddaughter's murder, but nothing was done. What does the grandfather of the killed soldier tell us?

Pashinyan had promised to take the case of his granddaughter's murder, but nothing was done. What does the grandfather of the killed soldier tell us?

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2019 Artur Ajamyan, 21, the grandfather of 21-year-old Arthur Ajamyan, who was killed on December 2, assures that although Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had promised to prosecute his grandchildren's murder, nothing had been done so far; "He puts a soft pillow under my head like Andranik Kocharyan himself." On the day of the incident, serviceman David Melikbekyan was injured. Arthur's grandfather has so far failed to meet his parents. It is said that David is in a coma and his mother did not want to get in touch.

The investigation of the case is not over yet. The number complains about inaction by law enforcement agencies. The investigator said there were three other fingerprints besides Arthur's fingerprints on the weapon, but did not specify who they were. “There were seven people, one was injured, one died and five were still alive. Don't those five people know who was firing at them? "

"The forensic doctor has also come to a conclusion on three versions: near, far, medium," says Post, adding that they "have approached the prosecutor with the expectation of knowing exactly which one of the three is true; the distance, how many centimeters, how many meters, how many millimeters. They don't say space. "

The Inquiry Committee reports that the injured Melikbekyan has not been questioned yet, there are no suspects or suspects in the case, and the investigation is continuing.

Asked by Epress.am whether Melikbekyan came to mind, the newly appointed head of the PR and Information Department at the Penitentiary Aram Avetisyan answered: “I don't know about medical things. The rest is a medical thing, it has come to mind, it has not come. "

The Pope says: “We have been promised that this case will be closed. If not, we will close the railway line. The community does not stand up, I do not stand up against it. ... A few days ago, a boy was killed, saying that it was a suicide. People came out. Tonoyan asked, saying he wouldn't work unless you took the body. I am capable of anything, I will remove the corpse and take it to the middle of the square. "

The family insists they have not received any help and do not want it, but they want to understand the reason; "My child will not come back, but he who does it will be harmed so that he will not commit another crime."

Arthur's grandfather is convinced that this will be neither the first nor the last, as there is "no discipline" in the army, "worse than prison."

21-year-old Arthur Ajamyan was killed in 2019. December 2. According to the official report, at around 06:50, he received a deadly gunshot wound in one of the military units located to the northeast of the Karabakh Defense Army, while a soldier was killed in 1999. David Melikbekyan, born in Davit, was injured.

Arthur's relatives and the Yezidi community demonstrated twice in front of the National Assembly and Government buildings. For the first time Andranik Kocharyan and the second time Nikol Pashinyan have promised to proceed quickly, but so far the case has not been revealed.