» Nikol Pashinyan to demand Armen Sargsyan's resignation the condition is one

Nikol Pashinyan to demand Armen Sargsyan's resignation the condition is one

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Nikol Pashinyan will demand Armen Sargsyan's resignation ...
On February 6, the majority of the National Assembly decided to put the draft constitutional amendments it had authored for a referendum. Lawyers have already assessed the draft as unconstitutional and expressed confidence that co-authors and executives will be condemned for failing the constitutional order under the next government.

The ruling majority in the National Assembly has taken its anti-constitutional move. Now the ball is in the court of President Armen Sargsyan. Within three days after receiving the draft he must either sign it and refer it to the Constitutional Court, or he may submit it to the Constitutional Court to determine whether the draft is in compliance with the RA Constitution.

Armen Sargsyan is facing a difficult choice. Chief Executive Nikol Pashinyan is trying his best to put pressure on President Armen Sargsyan. The speech of the Prime Minister of the National Assembly was intended to suppress the President in particular. "And I want to say that all those people who will try to bring legal or other obstacles to the free expression of the people of the people will be adequately rebuffed as anti-democratic, anti-democratic and anti-state forces. And those who accept the supreme authority of the people, the supreme right of the people, will become devotees of the future of Armenia. "