» "Nikol Pashinyan, you will soon feel the peasant's blow". farmer

"Nikol Pashinyan, you will soon feel the peasant's blow". farmer

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“I am officially announcing that there is permission to build a new hydroelectric power station in Vayots Dzor. Today's government is carrying out a criminal policy like the previous ones, ”said farmer Tigran Yeghoyan from Vayots Dzor.

He insists that by operating hydropower plants all rivers are drying up and that they are ready to even take extreme steps, including a hunger strike. “The farmer is forced to cattle.

Hrach Berberyan, head of the Agrarian-Peasant Union, spoke about the current situation in agriculture. "In the last two years we have lost about 1500 head of cattle, and poultry farming is in a disgraceful state."

According to him, the whole misfortune of the Armenian government is the personnel. "How can an area that provides GDP be closed and attached to the coordinating ministry? this is a diversion, give the name of who proposed to close the Ministry of Agriculture ... We can produce about 3,000 tonnes of tomatoes today, but we are not dealing with that, as a result of which the crop is affected by moths, ”he said.

International expert on agricultural crisis and rural areas Armen Mehrabyan estimates that at the international level the demand for meat will increase by 35%, the demand for food will increase by 48-62%. “We need to have a policy in the field of agriculture to understand where we are going. Yes, the problem of personnel is the biggest. "

Farmer Tigran Yeghoyan notes that there is a robbery in the agricultural sector, which, according to him, the Prime Minister knows very well. “The peasant is leaving the country. Nikol Pashinyan, you will soon feel the peasant's blow, ”the farmer said.