» Do not give up on signature, your feet will not be cut

Do not give up on signature, your feet will not be cut

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More than sixty Armenian and Russian cultural figures have been the subject of discussions on the Internet since yesterday, calling for the release of Artsakh's first president, Armenia's second president, Robert Kocharyan, and a change in his restraint.

After the announcement began, the search for the signatories began. The list included both celebrities and unknowns who have become as prominent as Ashugh Voskehour since yesterday.

ArmDDaily.am also called the prominent figures who joined the announcement, it turned out that many of them did not join the announcement and were not aware of what it was about. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the names of these people were not accidentally listed. As many of them have said, they have received a call from the office of the second president asking if they are in favor of Kocharyan being released, or that those people have not fixed the conversation, or those on the other side of the phone have not clearly explained what the matter is, as a result of which the names are to appear.

Of course, supporters of the second president had the task of presenting the name of a more prominent and well-known man; it is not excluded that many of the names were simply written in the light of friendship, intimacy, years of relationships, or past service. Why the Kocharians started collecting the signatures of show business representatives may have used the bridesmaid Sirusho and her parents in this issue. It is noteworthy that Sirusho's mother, Susan Margaryan, joined in the announcement, and not her husband, actor Hrachya Harutyunyan.