Your asterisk of 2020

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2020 is very important as it marks the beginning of a new era. The Jupiter-Saturn Convention begins a new 20-year cycle. This concept will occur and mainly affects the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Fish).

In general, the Year of the Rat will be beneficial for the Aries, especially financially. The flow of money will come from time to time in completely unexpected directions. But here in the love affairs, be extremely careful. One word you misspelled can put an end to your relationship.

Smart and consistent Flies In the Year of the Rat will be as resolute as ever, enabling them to significantly improve their financial status and achieve their work goals. When it comes to personal life, Flair's family risks becoming the initiator of frustrations in his personal life.

Anxious and constantly busy Twins will be looking for new sources of income throughout 2020. No, that does not mean that everything is going to be bad financially. The constant desire to try something new does not allow the Twins to rest in their places. And in love they are expecting a real Brazilian TV series: meetings, divisions, intrigues, scenes of jealousy and an unexpected happy ending.