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Artur Vanetsyan opens brackets

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In his interview a few days ago, former NSS Director Arthur Vanetsyan uttered a word on the Soros Foundation. To the question of Satik Seyranyan whether the activities of the Soros Foundation are dangerous for the Republic of Armenia, he answered yes. After that, organizations working on grant-making and various grant programs made a lot of noise.

Larisa Minasyan, the head of the Open Society Foundations, also touched upon this topic a few days ago, expressing her indignation over Vanetsyan's statement and in particular, saying: "... Our work has been directed only to the most effective way of advocating, protecting the rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, strengthening the state institutions of the Republic of Armenia, strengthening the Armenian society, civil society, education, health systems and the upholding of law in these areas ...

According to the RA Constitution, our activity has not been and cannot be a threat. If Mr. Vanetsyan has other standards with other documents, I am not responsible for that. " We asked the former director of the NSS to comment on Larisa Minasyan's words.
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