» Karen Demirchyan's widow urges Pashinyan

Karen Demirchyan's widow urges Pashinyan

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168 Zham writes: "1999 The widow of the NA Speaker, public figure Karen Demirchyan, who was shot dead in the RA National Assembly on October 27, is stunned that the issue of Nairi Hunanyan's early release is being raised today and has even become a topic of discussion.

"Have we digested the aftermath of October 27? Yes, have we gone that brutal way? Have we overcome the burden of that tragic day's shooting to raise such a question today? The question of his early release should not have arisen at all. "It shouldn't have been on the agenda," Rima Demirchyan, speaking to 168.am, said in a very straightforward address, referring to Nairi Hunanyan's conviction of October 27 terrorist act, sentenced to life in prison for early release.

"And if anyway such a question is raised, then I will say only one thing - it is not my right, I am not the decider, I cannot solve the issue, but it must be remembered that it is not just my loss, it is the loss of the Armenian people, its life, It is the loss of the future, the prospect of destruction, of everything that is very difficult to recover, ”said Mrs. Demirchyan.
Karen Demirchyan's widow thinks that the shootings of that day were directed against the Armenian people and that the loss of that day was not only borne by the families of the victims, we all suffered, so the word of the people should be heard in this matter.

“In any case it is the issue of resolving the people. This tragic incident killed people and our future, the loss is not just for the families of those killed, not only mine. Neither we, nor our people, have yet digested the consequences of those shootings. By 27 we had one Armenia, and after 27 October we had another Armenia. The whole people was shaken by the shooting that day because it was a crime against the people. Therefore, you would do well to address this issue to our people as well. If the people say yes, what they have done, then let Nairi Hunanyan be released from custody. But if you were to ask a question, I don't think there would be any people in Armenia who would give their consent, with the exception of a few who are in favor of brutal killers. Naturally, I do not believe that our people will agree to it, ”says Mrs. Demirchyan.

To our observation that the people's word is not decisive in this case, Nairi Hunanyan's appeal is addressed to the country's leadership, therefore, after the opinion of the commission, it should be sent to the head of government Nikol Pashinyan and is only decided by the signature of the country's leaders, so what to expect from the country's top leader? And what is the appeal of Karen Demirchyan's widow to Prime Minister Pashinyan before the latter's final verdict?

"Naturally, the appeal has been addressed to the leadership of the country, but I think they will be reasonable and take into account all the circumstances. They have to take into account the attitude and opinion of the people about the early release of the criminal."

PS There were a lot of questions to Mrs. Rima Demirchyan, but when we asked her about Nairi Hunanyan's rise, the political impulses of her appeal, the possible political rearrangements, she was upset and could no longer continue the conversation. "