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Publish full list of secrets

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The prime minister's secret decision made it clear that ministers and deputy ministers received extra salaries. The most dangerous moment in this story is, of course, secret. The transparency myth of the new government eroded Hodes in a matter of seconds. At least two circumstances need further clarification.

1. The Prime Minister's secret decision not to give extra salaries to ministers and deputy ministers is missing. It turns out that the deputy minister is more secure, has more income than the prime minister. If this decision is based on a more or less well-off standard of living for senior government officials (which is an objective issue), then why does it not apply to the Prime Minister? Can we conclude that the Prime Minister has other sources of income and his welfare is not conditioned by salary? This is a natural question stemming from a secret decision made known.

2. Are there any other such secret decisions? If one case has become public property, then it is natural to suppose that there may be many other secret surprises. For example, is it possible to make a secret decision about money taken from former corrupt and oligarchs not going to the budget, but quite different account numbers, and so on? Theoretically one can imagine endless themes of secret decisions that have nothing to do with transparent working style and people's formulations of power.

We reiterate that these questions are the logical consequences of a secret document and further explanations by Prime Minister's spokesman Vladimir Karapetyan: we have not invented it. By the way, the clarification of the speaker only exacerbated the doubts.

Marine Sukiasyan

Alternative Projects Group