» Messages from the groom on the sidewalk in front of the government

Messages from the groom on the sidewalk in front of the government

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Yesterday the young Republicans organized an interesting flash mob in front of the government building. Voronezh and Krasnodar (why in Russian, of course, in order for the footage to be shown in the Russian media to be more successful) wrote in front of the cameras and announced in front of the cameras that the authorities were trying to divert the public's attention from their corruption crimes. they will not succeed.

The mechanism is simple. The son-in-law of a millionaire millionaire, who is officially involved in three criminal cases, makes secret accusations against the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia (of course, without presenting any evidence). Only one question remains unclear: what was it after all, a political action, a protest against something, a report on a crime, or just a theatrical propaganda event?

The problem is not even that we have reached this day, the party led by Serzh Sargsyan accuses others of corruption. The problem is, what is the purpose of all this, and why do the internal political events in Armenia have such ridiculous manifestations?

Apparently, the reason is that there is almost no internal political struggle in Armenia as such, whatever it is, it is pushed to the background. There can be no hot political struggle between a specific ruling political force and the RPA. What a serious struggle between the political forces, one of which won 71% in the last national elections, the other 4%?

In general, there is no need to wage a political struggle against the RPA. The criminal cases initiated on the facts of previous crimes make it unnecessary. The RPA, of course, is trying to give a political tone to these criminal cases and present them as political persecutions, because it hopes that due to that it will become the leader of the opposition field.