» We are the proud citizens of the Third Republic of Armenia. Pashinyan

We are the proud citizens of the Third Republic of Armenia. Pashinyan

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Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page: "Babylon has been our enemy, see-
Missing, gone - like an evil mist.

Vahan Teryan

We descended from the Armenian Highlands, from the ancestor Hayk, our name is Armenian.

We are the descendants of the Kingdom of Van, the wealth of the Yervanduni, the wealth of the Artashesyans, the wealth of the Arshakuni, the wealth of the Bagratunis, the Kingdom of Cilicia, the First Republic of Armenia.

We recognize the unique role of the Armenian SSR in the development of education, science, culture and industry in Armenia.

We are the Proud Citizens of the Third Republic of Armenia, the children of the Armenian people who founded the Third Republic of Armenia and liberated Artsakh.

The Republic of Armenia is the guarantor of the security and freedom of the Armenians of Artsakh.

The Republic of Armenia is a pan-Armenian state and represents all Armenians around the world.

The Armenian people have gained the ability to overcome many historical disasters, to reach the 21st century, thanks to the skills, knowledge and qualities they have developed during their statehood. Based on this historical consciousness, the Armenian people were able to recreate their independent state immediately after the Great Genocide.

The Armenian state is the only guarantor of the existence and development of the Armenian people.

Therefore, the Armenian state must exist forever, because the Armenian people must exist forever.

National values

The national values ​​of the Armenian people are:

- Armenian statehood. Citizenship of the Republic of Armenia - Armenian Army.

- The history and folklore of the Armenian people. epic, beliefs, legends, myths.

- The Armenian language, literature, including translated literature, knowledge, science.

- The pan-Armenian potential, the Armenian Diaspora.

- Homeland, family, individual.

- The Armenian Apostolic Church, the Armenian Catholic Church, the Armenian Evangelical Church. Christianity.

- Armenian troubadour, cowboy, folk, classical, author's, pop music, Armenian dance art, Armenian fine arts, Armenian stage art, Armenian architecture.

- The native nature with its biodiversity.

- Progress, freedom, self-love, hospitality, education, diligence, law-abidingness, respect and tolerance towards other people, peoples, religions. Fraternal feelings and relations with the national minorities living in Armenia and Artsakh, the inseparable union with them, expressed by the citizenship of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh.

"Armenian cuisine, all the samples of material and intangible heritage that express, depict, describe or symbolize the national values ​​of the Armenian people described above."