» People are mocked and labeled on Public TV. "Media Defender"

People are mocked and labeled on Public TV. "Media Defender"

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The post particularly says: On July 10, Petros Ghazaryan's guest on Public TV was Lusine Hakobyan, a lawyer and president of the Europe of Law NGO. The topic is the ECHR decision. The conversation turned into a hate speech, targeting the representatives of the former government. Petros Ghazaryan, whose function is to ask questions, presented his point of view. "There is such a human rights activist who never used to sneer when there were outrageous injustices, and now he is a fan of Hrayr Tovmasyan. And this human rights activist says that the ECtHR judges were probably pressured because our representative went to Strasbourg and met with our new Kalashnikov assault rifle. The ECtHR accepted this decision. " The guest, in his turn, expressed irony, targeting Arman Tatoyan, noting that he is a close friend of lawyer Siranuysh Sahakyan. The conversation was out of all ethical norms, as it was very personal. Petros Ghazaryan forgot that the program is not a humorous genre ․ "Hrayr Tovmasyan vs. Hrayr Tovmasyan." Hate-packed jokes are not appropriate for public television.