» "Are you a minister or an old Armenian jadu, animal?"

"Are you a minister or an old Armenian jadu, animal?"

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"I really want Mr. Karen Vardanyan not to be suddenly infected with coronavirus disease, because taking into account the latter's chronic diseases, a very negative outcome of the disease is not ruled out." Arsen Torosyan 04.05.2020 In fact, the Nicolaitans are also oil, they are a complete evil, a perfect beheader, you have to stay away from them and not even try to say a word, otherwise ... I just heard the news of Karen Vardanyan's death. At that time, I was amazed that there is so much inadequacy. Minister, and to those who respond to that kind of common sense, a complete state of "are you a minister or an old Armenian magician, you animal?" And the reason for the old curse and greed was what I was saying: the coronavirus is a bluff, Nicole and the swindler appointed by the Minister of Health, who swallowed money with her, create artificial psychosis, write deaths under the coronavirus, that is, loans, money, millions of dollars. They got water-lapen. As a result, they destroy the economy and the state. And here ... two months later, Karen Vardanyan is no more, they got rid of a serious critic. I do not share anyone on my page, who should I put next to me or instead of me? One of the exceptions was Karen Vardanyan's interview about the army's shortcomings. I remember this very well and I am really sorry that there was never an occasion, personal contact with that person, but I knew that he was one of the only people in Armenia who still lived in Armenia and had a healthy common sense and expressed themselves boldly. Unique. And today, the sparse, almost non-existent group of those singles is almost empty. Too bad ...

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