» Ani Yeranyan's magnificent gift to Arpi և Mihran

Ani Yeranyan's magnificent gift to Arpi և Mihran

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Ani Yeranyan's surprise to new parents ․․․

Finally, Mihran Tsarukyan և Arpi Gabrielyan առաջն firstborn ծն was born

The beautiful son's wonderful son was named Robert բերտ

Arpi wrote on his page hours ago:

"My Son, the gift of my God, I have longed for you."

And indeed, the long-awaited. As it is known, Arpi և Mihran's roads crossed mostly during the Full House sitcom ․․․

They were even together in a comedy series, as in և in life ․․․ It is known that the couple was very close with another favorite actress, Ani Yeranyan.

Yeranyan played with the Full House team for many years, then left for some reasons ․․․ After leaving, Yeranyan participated in many other TV series and still plays ․․․ According to some rumors, the relations between Ani and Arpi have recently become a bit tense. However, rumors are circulating on the Internet that Ani even bought a big gift for Mihran և Arpi որդ ․․․ ․․․

It is said that although the gift was valuable, they chose not to talk about it. If there were any conflicts, it would be good if they were settled և Ani, really surprised ․․․ Peace to all of us ․․․