» Hear what I say to you on behalf of myself and my brothers who have fought.

Hear what I say to you on behalf of myself and my brothers who have fought.

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The BDK scientists did not sign the decision. Bekmezyan clarified that the law stipulates that 7 votes in favor were needed to satisfy the motion, but in this case there were only 5 votes in favor, the motion was rejected. As it is rejected, the decision is signed by the members who voted against the mediation.

"There is no conflict of interest here, it is just a matter of approach. If you see the decision, I think the answers to many questions will be clear. I am very surprised that they are trying to find a political context in our decisions. Opinions may be different, it is the right of individuals to comment. I am just very sorry that many people view our decisions from the point of view of interests, that if people vote in favor, then it is in their interest to vote that way, not the human consciousness and the objectivity of assessing the facts of the case. I am sorry that lawyers often express such an opinion, but no matter what people do, they have the right to express an opinion, it does not affect our impartiality and objectivity at all. We voted the way we found it right, I assure you that there was pressure, that there was no attempt at pressure. "

To the question how it turned out that all the scientists voted in the same way, all the members of the judges voted in a different way, Bekmezyan said that, yes, from the outside, he could give me a reason to think, but there is no problem for me, he can! To be so, there is no problem with interests at all.