» You look at him, he is a 26.5-year-old boy, he comes home, as if he is sitting on the couch of that beloved parent!

You look at him, he is a 26.5-year-old boy, he comes home, as if he is sitting on the couch of that beloved parent!

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Lucy Kocharyan writes on her Facebook page.

My brain hangs specially when, say, 18-25-year-olds say, "Are you kidding me? Should the parent take care of him, raise him, teach him, make him a child ... Let that child grow up, let him go, let him live separately."
A fire.

In other words, Parman, who should have wanted an independent life and freedom at that age, finally wanted to be private, and said, "It's over, he's 18, now I have the right to live alone, I've found a job, I've gone, dear loved ones," he said. He repeats what his parents said, and he considers it a deep wisdom.

When you understand what kind of adults have accumulated in that parman's brain, they put the idea that "yes, it is ungrateful to the parent, I have kept it so long that you go, aren't you unhappy?"
Or maybe it's not the parent, but the little one? It is difficult to say.

• In fact, a child between the ages of 18 and 20, regardless of gender, should already be separated (at least think realistically about being single):
- work, start earning,
-independence, organization, -housekeeping, household,
-calculate, distribute the budget
- to organize your vacation with your own imagination, not sitting on the parent's breath,
- to have time without one's own taste, not the parent sitting on the brain,
- Learn to live alone, build different relationships, etc., etc.
You have to learn all this slowly from this age. It will not fall from the air.

• And all this does not contradict the memory of loving and loving the parent.
The sooner the child takes turns doing these things, the sooner he begins to be adequate and literate to himself, his parents, and his personal space and time.

Instead of anchoring on that parent, he puts the name “I love you so much, I owe you every night you don't sleep at 4.5 years old. Won't I let you go? ”

You see, he is a 26.5-year-old boy (or rather, a man), he comes home, as if he is sitting on the couch of that beloved parent, that parent spreads food in front of him, collects-cleans-washes after eating, afterwards The toilet is being cleaned, and the clothes are being washed by that parent, so that the 26.5-year-old boy can feel well. The name is also given as if the boy loves his mother very much and does not leave her alone.
(The girl's version is a completely different moment. The last inquiries are witnesses.)

How they manage to, say, in 21, what kind of holy panels, the psychological portal to stay attached to the parent is right, that is a mystery, that is phenomenal.
Allegedly, young people should be more liberal. Yes, they are freedom-loving.

(!) An adult child cannot live with his or her parents and at the same time acquire complete household / psychological independence.
* By the way, if the child is a boy, the probability of serving the parent is high. Wash the clothes, put food in front of them, draw water from the toilet and wash the toilets.
* If the child is a girl, it is more important to employ the girl like a maid in the housework and to make her psychologically infantile, independent and invertebrate.

And how should a child become an adult and start to think about finding a job as soon as possible?
True, this should be done by the parent, telling them about it from a very early age, instilling that information in their ears, providing and preparing it, leaving no alternative.

The child must grow up with the background that inevitably the coming of adulthood and the day of living separately and independently will come.
Regardless of gender.
Regardless of marriage.