» Is Pashinyan infected or not?

Is Pashinyan infected or not?

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The number one priority issue in the Armenian reality, which is the subject of various comments and discussions by various strata, is the pan-Armenian situation in the country, when the number of infected people is several hundred every day, and the number of dead is already double-digit.

Today, the contempt associated with contempt and the lexicon seasoned with reproaches have become commonplace in our day-to-day government. You don't know why, state officials and high-ranking officials consider it their duty to speak to the society from above, in a tone that is angry and does not accept objections.

It is already a fact that Nikol Pashinyan has failed the whole state program to fight against coronavirus, it was mentioned by some specialists at the initial stage of the epidemic, and today it is already a fact. On May 4, in order to absolve himself of responsibility for the failure, he lifted almost all the restrictions, blaming the ordinary citizen.

This morning it became known that Nikol Pashinyan and his whole family are infected with coronavirus.

Let's consider two aspects here.

If Pashinyan is infected.

The fact that Nicole is infected with the coronavirus can quickly cause a cataclysm in the state system inside the country and cause a very sharp collapse in almost all spheres, including the parliament. This can have irreversible consequences on the entire state government of the Republic of Armenia, and create complete and uncontrollable chaos in the country.