» One killed in Vanadzor is a criminal authority: identity of dead and injured known

One killed in Vanadzor is a criminal authority: identity of dead and injured known

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The identities of the dead and injured in today's shootings in the Bazum district of Vanadzor are known. According to the information, the dead are the residents of Vanadzor, 29-year-old Aghasi Hovhannisyan and 29-year-old Gevorg Sukiasyan. Residents of Vanadzor town, Arshak Arakelyan, 33, and Garik Siradeghyan, 32, were injured in the shooting.

According to the information of the AF, the killed Aghasi Hovhannisyan, 29, is Aghasi criminal. The incident happened near their building.

Vanadzor Medical Center was informed by AF that Arshak Arakelyan, who was wounded by the wounded, was taken to Yerevan. According to our information, he also has gunshot wounds to his neck. It should be reminded that today, on February 9, shots were fired in Bazum district of Vanadzor. Four youths were taken to Vanadzor Medical Center with gunshot wounds, 2 of them were dead. Law enforcement is still working at the scene. Four traces of a shotgun were found on the wall of the building at the scene. The area is full of blood within a few tens of meters. At the same time, a burning Niva car was found in Barekamutyun Street in Vanadzor. Vanadzor firefighters found a firearm inside, extinguishing a fire in the car. It is not known what these two events have to do with each other. According to preliminary information, Niva, who was set on fire in the street, did not belong to any of the residents of the district. Fortunately, firefighters were able to extinguish the fire in time, otherwise the car's gas cylinder would explode.