» Nicole did her job, Nicole had to leave. Narek Samsonyan

Nicole did her job, Nicole had to leave. Narek Samsonyan

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President of Civic Awareness NGO Narek Samsonyan posted a post on his Facebook page stating that soon everyone will have the opportunity to say "no" to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan when the issue of amending the Constitution is put to a referendum. The post says:

"Nicole did her 'job', Nicole must leave

"Very soon we will all have the opportunity to put an end to this clownade to say no to Nicole. And we will have that opportunity regardless of all the circumstances. Even if the Referendum is not canceled, even if the Referendum is falsified, even if all the avenues are joined together, even if we are all imprisoned before the referendum, Nicole and her team will be gone in the very near future.

What kind of Armenia will be after Nicole, what moral and legal sanctions will be applied to the scoundrels who have been abused and hated and spread personal hatred, how will our economy develop, what kind of legislative and executive will we have? these are the framework of issues where we need to have a consensus before the big fight. "